With what I am saying here, I freely admit that I have only a birds-eye view and do not have many details that may be important to the decision making of the town (Appomattox).  

From my vantage point, I see an ice cream truck (Iceland’s) come into our town in an effort to do business and to offer our town a treat. Anyone who has been to Mr.Goody’s in Lynchburg has been able to enjoy an ice cream cone while having plenty of seating (and shade is nice too!). Now we read that our town has not allowed them more than two picnic tables?

No picnic tables ... while our sidewalks are treacherous (we just put a sign up to warn people about that!) and many derelict properties remain as both an eyesore and a hazard to visitors and citizens alike.

To me, that is the same sort of logic that allows 10 men to slobber, sweat, huff and puff all over each other to play basketball but then are required to wear a mask during a time-out.

Appomattox is a great town to live and work in.  It is a pleasant place to call home. Perhaps we could be a bit more accommodating toward good folks who want to make it even better — and a bit tougher on challenging blight and disrepair?

Let’s go get an ice cream cone! (Bring your own chair?)

- Todd Milton, Appomattox