Thomas Terrell McCoy Jr., 27, of Appomattox, will serve one year and one month after pleading guilty to one felony charge of eluding police and two misdemeanors, driving with a revoked or suspended license and reckless driving. 

Appomattox County Commonwealth’s Attorney Les Fleet, in a summary of the evidence, said that on May 5, 2019, an Appomattox County Sheriff’s Department deputy who knew McCoy had a suspended driver’s license recognized him in a vehicle parked in an area known for drug activity. 

The deputy observed McCoy and ran a DMV check, then pulled up into a parking space in front of McCoy’s vehicle. McCoy fled the scene, spinning the tires of the vehicle and jumping a curb onto U.S. 460 East. McCoy reached speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour in a 55 speed limit zone before eventually pulling over after a high speed chase. 

When given a chance to speak in court before sentencing on a plea agreement was announced, McCoy told Circuit Court Judge Andy Nelson that he disputed some details of the evidence despite the guilty plea. 

McCoy claimed that the deputy did not park in front of him but was instead positioned beside him at a gasoline pump. McCoy also said he never reached 100 miles per hour, but estimated that his top speed had reached 75. 

Judge Nelson asked McCoy to affirm if he wished to forgo the guilty plea and take the case to trial instead. After several minutes of conversation between the judge and defendant, McCoy admitted that he had committed the violations even though he didn’t agree with those details. As a result, Judge Nelson went ahead and found McCoy guilty as charged and accepted terms of the plea agreement. 

In addition to the active sentence, McCoy received four years suspended on the eluding charge and 23 months suspended on the misdemeanors with requirements of 10 years good behavior, two years supervised probation and nine months total of driver’s license suspension.

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