Start learning Tactical Civics

Washington D.C. is criminally insane. Our civilization is being destroyed by criminals and perverts; an out-of-control hijacked train with no brakes. According to the Constitution, only We The People can end the hijacking.

Complaining on Facebook or other social media accomplishes nothing. Listening to ‘conservative talkers’ on the radio accomplishes even less. Waiting for Trump to restore our country will fail; presidents cannot do the job of We The People. And we can’t arrest D.C. organized crime with partisan politics.

Tired of doing all of the above, I finally discovered the only full-spectrum plan of action that’s lawful, peaceful, powerful, and perpetual; a Christian mission called Tactical Civics. It’s already in over 230 counties, now including ours. It only requires half of one percent of the American people to take responsibility.

Want to join me for our new county chapter meeting? I’m no leader, but I’ll tell you what I have learned so far, then we will watch this 11-minute video together, and I’ll answer your questions as best I can.

Start learning Tactical Civics and you will have more peace than you’ve had in years. You can visit the Training Center if you want to join up before our first meeting:

The first meeting will be on Saturday, Oct 23, at 1 p.m. at the J Robert Jamerson Memorial Library, 157 Main Street, Appomattox. Please put a note on your refrigerator or cell phone. Take responsibility, before it’s too late for America.

 - Kirk Purches, Appomattox, and a member of Tactical Civics