Having to fight cancer is a terrifying thought. But, in addition to a battle for your life with an intimidating and deadly disease, imagine not having transportation to get to a treatment center. Or not being able to afford life-saving medicine. Those are realistic situations many face. 

The fact that many face such a harsh reality was too much for Ricky Simmons, who grew up in Evergreen. Even while battling cancer himself, Ricky reached out to his fellow sufferers at the Centra Alan B. Pearson Regional Cancer Center. “He would seek them out, try to comfort them and pray with them,” said his widow Ann. 

Sadly, last November, Ricky lost his brave battle. Now the golfing community he loved and spent a lifetime supporting, is carrying on his mission to help those less fortunate. On July 17, Hat Creek Golf Course in Brookneal, will hold The GOLF4RICKY Charity Tournament. 100 percent of proceeds will go to the Cancer Care Fund at the Pearson Cancer Center. 

“People fighting for their lives shouldn’t have to worry about basic needs,” said Molleigh Creamer with the Pearson Cancer Center. “Their struggles are already severe enough. Our Cancer Care Fund covers those basic needs and helps take away another level of stress and worry.” 

The GOLF4RICKY mission is also about prevention. During the tournament, Gastroenterology Associates of Central VA will be on course advocating for cancer prevention through early detection. “Spotting early warning signs and taking action, that is a major part of battling this disease and saving lives,” said Sherri Rogers with GACV.

For more information or to see if any tournament reservations are available, call Hat Creek Golf Course at 434-376-2292. 

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