‘You’re the Coach’ football board game creator visits Appomattox

Michael Wray Jr., who invented a board game called “You’re the Coach,” which is centered on the game of football, recently stopped by Appomattox to promote it.

The board game was 40 years in the making and can be purchased on websites such as eBay, Amazon and Etsy.

Wray, who is from Bedford County and now resides in Raymondville, Missouri, with his fiancée Chrissy White, came up with the idea when watching Monday Night Football and working on a short story for a school project when he was in the eighth grade. He then got the idea of matching up the offense with the defense and the roll of the dice would determine the players’ ability to execute the play.

“It just all kind of came together,” said Wray, who played football at Liberty High School.

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