In the Aug. 21 issue of your paper toward the end of the “Debbie Dudley honored for heroic acts” story (everyone should give a big thank you to Ms. Dudley for her heroism!), there is a line that reads as follows: “At the end of the meeting, the board went into closed session. Prior to moving into closed session, it was asked if County Waste, VDOT and Johnnie Roark (the county’s director of community development) could be invited into closed session. The chairman gave his approval.”

This is shocking!

The Code of Virginia (§2.2-3711) states that closed sessions are for discussing sensitive legal or personnel matters which then, according to the Code of Appomattox County (§3.1-3F), can only be formally voted on and ratified in open session. This is how local government is supposed to maximize transparency in all its actions while also protecting individuals’ privacy.

Instead, Chairman Sammy Carter gave unilateral approval to a nongovernmental entity (County Waste) to be an active participate in a closed session discussion designed only for our elected representatives and county staff! Unfortunately, the other supervisors merely rubber stamped this decision with their silence.

This is a huge slap in the face of anyone who dared to stand against the trash transfer station. Further insult to injury: As of this letter, the August meeting minutes have not been posted to the County website. These types of closed-door favoritism are what make all our current supervisors untrustworthy for public office.

- Christian Raymond, vice chairman, Appomattox County Republican Committee

Disclaimer: Mr. Raymond is the manager for the John Hinkle for Supervisor (Falling River) campaign and has publicly endorsed Trevor Hipps for Supervisor (Wreck Island).