Make Appomattox great again … quit trashing it! It’s a matter of respect. Respect for your town, respect for your neighbors, respect for your history, respect for the earth, and most of all, respect for yourself.

Almost 10 years ago, I relocated here and was thrilled to have a national historical park in my backyard. I was not so thrilled to discover that the road (Route 24) winding through the park was and still is being used as a drive-through landfill. Upon exploring the town, I realized that the town fared no better.

For the past 9 years, I have been picking up on Route 24 through the park, the Walmart/Kroger shopping center alley, River Ridge Road from Oakleigh to Route 24, and any other areas where the trash has piled up to a ridiculous level. I am not paid. I am not doing court-ordered community service. I am embarrassed at the treatment of the park and the town.

What is wrong with people that they can’t haul their trash to the recycle/landfill facility without leaving a trail of it all the way there? The list of trash I have picked up is long. Lottery tickets, fully loaded diapers, cans, plastic bottles, liquor bottles, boxes, bras, cigarette cartons, Styrofoam restaurant containers, straws, fast food bags and contents, latex gloves, hairnets, mechanic towels, gloves, pants, bicycles, tools, hay bale netting, etc. Keep your trash in your car until you find a proper place to dispose of it — preferably your trash can at home.

The hay bale transporters ... Do you really expect when you throw the removed netting onto your flatbed truck that it won’t blow off? Pick up truck drivers lazily throw their trash into the bed of the truck and watch it all blow out all along the highway. What all this trash tells me is that laziness, irresponsibility, apathy and disrespect is rampant in our town.

This is trash from locals not immigrants as one park visitor claimed. Show some respect for your town, your neighbors, visitors from all over your country and the world, and your national park. Thank you.

- Kathy Brandt, Appomattox