Library Director Diana Harvey

Library Director Diana Harvey stands next to the library’s train display.

The Jamerson Express is chugging down Main Street as the library gets ready for the Railroad Festival. This train silhouette was created by library staff and Country Charm.

This decoration will integrate well with the “Peace Train” StoryWalk sponsored by the Jamerson Library and Appomattox for Equality. Grab your train whistles, put on your conductors hat and take a walk around the block, starting at the library, as you read Cat Steven’s classic song about peace and harmony!

On Tuesday, Sept. 14, the library held our first “Library For All,” a craft-orientated program that embraces all skill levels and all abilities.

On Wednesday, Sept. 16, the library hosted Jamerson Family Movie Night.

It is not to late to be a part of the Jamerson Library Plant Swap. This social-distancing program ends on Friday, Sept. 30.

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