This Week from Del. Matt Fariss

In 2019, Democrats argued that it was time for a new direction in Virginia. That they were placed in power, they would make life better for everyday Virginians. Two years later, voters are experiencing buyer’s remorse. Rather than build stronger communities, Democrats attacked law enforcement, kept our kids out of school, had concerned parents designated ‘domestic terrorists,’ all while making life more expensive for us all.

Democrats attacked law enforcement, moving to end qualified immunity for law enforcement. Had they been successful, they would have made police liable to lose their homes just for doing their jobs.

They fought against resource officers in our schools. They said they wanted to defund the police. They worked to lower sentences for dangerous criminals and gave thieves a cost of living increase. They fought reopening schools as soon as possible and blocked financial aid for parents trying to help their kids keep up. They stood by silently while their candidate for governor attacked parents, saying he didn’t want them telling schools what to teach. They raised taxes and utility bills, driving up the cost of gasoline and electricity.

Republicans will lower taxes, by ending the grocery tax. Republicans will support our law enforcement officers and keep dangerous criminals where they belong, behind bars.

Things can get better. Things will get better. All it takes from you is a vote.

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