Many farmers in the area recently received an automated phone call asking that they complete a survey regarding agricultural practices on their farm which protect and improve water quality. Not surprisingly, I received multiple calls asking if the survey was indeed legitimate and it most definitely is! 

If you are a farmer on the North side of Route 460 (classified as being in the Chesapeake Bay watershed), I highly encourage you to complete the survey developed by the Virginia Voluntary Agricultural Best Management Practices Task Force. This task force is comprised of numerous governmental agencies, Virginia Farm Bureau and the Virginia Tech Office of Analytics and Institutional Effectiveness.  Virginia Cooperative Extension/Virginia Tech serves as the survey administrator.

The goal of the survey is to identify farm practices that are already in place which ultimately improve and/or protect the water quality in the Chesapeake Bay. If practices are not quantified, more rules and regulations may result as the Chesapeake Bay model is being evaluated by the EPA.

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